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Why You Should Ask Your Contractor About Financing

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Installing a new roof is an activity most homeowners have to deal with at least once in their lifetime. It’s necessary if your roof is old, damaged by weather or hit by debris. In some cases, a new roof is part of a home’s redesign. At any rate, new asphalt shingles installation is anything but cheap. Unless you’ve saved up enough to pay for it in one go, you’ll probably have to get financing.

Different roofers may offer similar services, but there are roofers that offer more services and options than others, including financing.

Hiring a contractor that offers financing has its benefits. Here’s why you should take that service into account.

Next Best Thing to Paying Out-of-Pocket

While paying out of pocket is a great option, not everyone can afford it. The next best option is to use your contractor’s financing services. Your residential roofing contractor works with the banks so you don’t have to. As a contractor is likely to provide the banks with good business in the form of volume lending, the contractor enjoys special rates with most banks. As a customer, you are likely to enjoy better rates compared to direct-lender financing.

Contractors Offer Different Payment Schedules

Apart from better rates, you’ll also get a payment schedule that matches your paying power. The interest rates are typically lower if your contractor finances your new roof installation.

Deals Are Simpler

A reputable roofing contractor already has extensive experience in financing customers’ projects, so they already have this process down to a science. The take-away for customers is a simpler transaction that’s easier to understand. Your project is less likely to be bogged down by complex financing terms.

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